AstroSystems Products


Collimating Tools -  LightPipe-Sightube / Autocollimator

Collimating Tools - Barlowed Laser Collimator

Cooling Fan Power Supply

Covers - SCT and Newtonian / Cage Case / Truss Case / Transport Case

Dew Guard - Secondary mirror dew removal system

Digital Setting Circles - Sky Commander

Eyepiece Adapters

Light Shroud

Meade Lightbridge Accessories

Obsession Accessories

Pivot Kit / PTFE Bearings

Primary Mirrors

Quantum - finished and fully assembled TeleKit (f/4 - f/6)

Quantum SFL - finished and fully assembled TeleKit (f/3.3 - f/3.9)

Reflex Finders - Telrad / Rigel Quickfinder

Round Groundboard

Secondary Holders

Secondary Mirrors

ServoCAT GOTO Drive


Star Charts - Pocket Sky Atlas plus Jumbo version

PTFE Bearings / Pivot Kits


TeleKit Drive - ServoCAT

Telrad / Rigel Quickfinder

Truss Fasteners - Upper and Lower Truss Fasteners


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