Nexus Pro Digital Setting Circles

Encoders, Cable sets and Mounting Hardware

Nexus Pro Digital Setting Circles


Nexus Pro Specifications



Size  Weight
5.5" x 4.7" x 1.2" 260g
 140 x 120 x 30mm  9oz.



Technical Specifications

Processor 32 bit MIPS 4K @ 80mhz
Memory 16Mb
External Memory up to 64Mb micro SD Card
RS232 Port 1
USB port 1
Display 3.12" red OLED 256x64 pixels
Display Brightness Settings 256
Keypad backlit 100 levels
GPS built in GPS and Glonass
Battery 5000mAh lithium rechargeable
Charging External source 5-16 V dc
Reverse Polarity protection
Operating Temperature -20c to +50c   -5F to +120F
Humidity 10%-90% non condensing
Upgradeable Firmware and catalogues USB memory stick
ROHS compliant
Optional WIFI interface FCC / CE / IC certified
2.4GHz IEEE 802.11
b/g transceiver (GS2011MIPS)
Supports Access Point and infrastructure WIFI networks
Secure WI-FI authentication schemes
Class 1 WIFI device (up to 150m)
2412-2484 Mhz unlicensed ISM band (channels 1-14)
Output Power 0.08 Watts


Encoders, Cable sets and Mounting Hardware

DSC Computer Nexus Pro 419.00 3
Encoder 10,000 step with low profile phone plug module $95.00 1/2 lb.
Encoder 32,000 step with low profile phone plug module 110.00 1/2 lb.
Cable Set specify cable lengths or telescope size (up to 22") $30.00 1 lb.
Cable Set specify cable lengths or telescope size (24" to 36") $45.00 2 lbs.
Computer Cable Planetarium Software Interface Cable 12' or 20' $15.00 1 lb.
Hardware Set 1 Telescopes with no side protrusions ( TeleKit, Starmaster, Discovery, see photo 1) $70.00 2 lbs.
Hardware Set 1 Same as above with drilled azimuth pivot bolt (state size and length) $75.00 2 lbs.
Hardware Set 2

Telescopes with exterior mount blocks, includes azimuth pivot bolt (state size and length)

(Obsession, others with protrusions on side of Mirror box, see photo 2)

$160.00 2 lbs.
Hardware Set 3 Orion, Hardin others with spring tensioned altitude bearings $150.00 2 lbs.
Hardware Set 4 Lightbridge $70.00 2 lbs.
Hardware Set 5 Zhumell, Apertura, GSO and Astro-Tech with altitude tension knob $175.00 2 lbs.
Mirror Box Mount Baltic Birch Mirror Box Mount with Hardware $25.00 1 lb.

* To Order  - please state telescope size and altitude bearing diameter for correct cable length and tangent arm length.

Hardware set #1 (Flush sided as with a TeleKit) is shown at left below in Photo 1.

Hardware set #2 (side protrusions as with a Obsession) is shown below in Photo 2.

Hardware Set #3 Orion, Hardin other scopes with spring tensioned altitude bearings.

Hardware Set #4 Meade Lightbridge.


"The Sky"

"Megastar 5.0"

"Guide 8.0"

"Earth Centered Universe"

"Sky Tools 2"

"Sky Map Pro 10"

"Starry Night Pro"

"AstroPlanner by iLanga Inc."



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Photo 1, complete Nexus Pro system with hardware set #1.




Photo 2.  This is altitude portion of hardware kit #2 shown on a 20" Obsession, complete hardware set #2 shown at right.





This is the configuration used on  hardware set 1.  The encoder is mounted with it's shaft facing away from the telescope.  The side of the mirror box can have no components that protrude off the side to interfere with the tangent arm when moved.

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