ServoCAT drives have been discontinued.  We will put a headline on the site when they are available again, possibly Spring of 2024.

Drive Options and Accessories


Mount Stalk/Shelf

The Astrosystems Mount Stalk holds the DSC computer, either Sky Commander or Argo Navis and a drive handpad controller at a convenient 38" height.  Simple installation with just 2 screws and proportioned to clear transport handles.  A single Thumb knob installs the stalk.  Cables for the DSC Computer, drive handpad controller, Altitude Encoder and DSC power are easily routed around the stalk.  Completely finished and ready to install with supplied stainless steel hardware.

$129.00            ShipWeight 3 lbs.

Shelf is black ABS, wood above is a prototype.

Sky Commander is shown, we now carry the Nexus Pro.

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Powered Ground Board

A complete set of hardware to install 12 Vdc power feedthrough to connect the Rocker Box of a Dobsonian to a remote battery.  This allows you to use a high capacity battery for drives, dew removal, fans, etc. without putting the battery weight on the telescope.  This is the hardware package to power through your existing groundboard.   Easy to install, does not require a change in your existing pivot bolt or azimuth encoder.  Includes power distribution rail, cables, power transfer system.

Complete Hardware Set for 1/2" Rocker Box Bottom     $129.00            ShipWeight 3 lbs.

Complete Hardware Set for 3/4" Rocker Box Bottom     $129.00            ShipWeight 3 lbs.

Complete Hardware Set for 1" Rocker Box Bottom        $149.00            ShipWeight 3 lbs.

Complete Hardware Set for 1 1/2" Rocker Box Bottom  $149.00            ShipWeight 3 lbs.

PDF Instructions for Astrosystems Powered Ground Board installation.

Powered Groundboard Hardware



Round Ground Board

Retrofiting your telescope with a GOTO drive?  Use our precision CNC cut round Ground Board for accuracy. Our Ground Boards feature Baltic Birch plywood, strong and very wear resistant as well as one foot having an internal mount for the Power Feed Through plug.  Each comes with ball bearings at two positions and Teflon at the third.  Smooth movement for lower torque and longer battery life. We can supply with three Teflon pads if you prefer, although the hybrid bearing system works great on textured (Ebony Star or Pebble Board) laminate on the Rocker Box.

The sizes listed below are a guide, use the largest bearing radius that your rocker box will accommodate.

Round Groundboard with hardware


Telescope Size  Diameter (in.) Bearing Radius (in.) Price
10.0 20.1  7.75   139.00
12.5-13.1 19.3  8.7   159.00
14.5 21.4 9.75 179.00
15.0 21.9 10.0 189.00
16.0  23.3 10.6 199.00
17.5-18.0 24.0 11.0 219.00
 20.0  27.8  12.9 229.00
22.0 29.8  13.9 239.00
 24.0  32.2 14.6  269.00


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