Cooling Fan Power Supply

*New* Now supplied with a 110v float charger to allow continuous charging without fear of overcharge.  Eliminates battery loss due to the batteries staying undercharged for long periods of time.

The lack of thermal equilibrium between the primary mirror and the air is one of the leading causes of poor images in large Newtonian telescopes.  The Astrosystems cooling fan power supply can be used with any 12v dc cooling fan(s).  Easily retrofit your telescope with this power system to provide cooling for greatly improved images over a longer period of observing.  The power control has an on/off switch, charging circuitry, a charge jack and charge indicator. The kit can be supplied with (2) 6v, 1.3 Ahr gel cell batteries, (2) 6v, 3 Ahr gel cell batteries or 7 A hr batteries are available.  The 1.3 Ahr batteries are great if there are space limitations and  have plenty of current to operate 1-2 fans for 1-2 days.  The 3 Ahr batteries have plenty of current to operate 1-2 fans for 2-3 days.   The optional 7 Ahr batteries will operate for extended periods or provide power for digital setting circles, dew removal or illuminated finders.  It is recommended that the total power needs be 50% of the battery rating, less for extremely cold weather.  The 6v batteries are wired in series for 12v operation.  A pair of wires are wired into the controller to easily power 12V dc options.  You can also order 60mm or 80mm fans if your telescope was not provided with any.  

Kit Components

Control Panel - on/off switch, charge indicator and charge jack, charge circuitry

2  Batteries - 2 x 6v (1.3 Ahr), 2 x 6v (3 Ahr) or 2 x 6v (7 Ahr)

DC Charger - auto plug with fuse, 16' cable and LED indicator to show power is present

AC Charger - 110v AC input, 12v DC output @ 500mA Float charger  **NEW**

Battery and control panel mount hardware


Battery dimensions:

1.3 Ahr    2" tall, 5.25" wide and 1.3" thick    11 oz. each battery

3 Ahr    2.5" tall, 5.25" wide and 1.3" thick    1.5 pounds each battery

7 Ahr    4" tall, 6.0" wide and 1.3" thick    2.9 pounds each battery


Cooling Fan Power Supply with 1.3 Ahr batteries  $90.00         Shipweight 5 lbs.

Cooling Fan Power Supply with 3 Ahr batteries  $99.00         Shipweight 6 lbs.

Cooling Fan Power Supply with 7Ahr batteries  $109.00        Shipweight 11 lbs.


Cooling Fans 2.36" (60mm) 0.1A @12v, 27 CFM  $8.00      Shipweight 1 lb.

Cooling Fans 3.14" (80mm) 0.1A @12v, 32 CFM  $10.00    Shipweight 1 lb.

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