AstroSystems Eyepiece Adapters


Standard Eyepiece Adapter 2" to 1.25" (shown on right)

This precision-made adapter is made of anodized aluminum and threaded for 48mm (2") filters.  Our adapters feature a compression ring.  This offers accurate centering and consistent retention of collimation tools and is non-marring on eyepiece barrels.

$29.00, Shipweight 1 lb.

NEW - Ultra low Eyepiece Adapter - 2" to 1.25"  (shown on left)

You can lower the profile of your 1.25" eyepiece another 0.5" below the drawtube.  The ultra low eyepiece adapter works with any 2.0" focuser.  The 1.25" eyepiece position is inset down into the adapter, dropping the eyepiece height 0.5".  This allows another 0.5" of focus travel and optimization of the secondary mirror size.  The height is compatible with star diagonals and short focusers.  Anodized aluminum with compression ring.  Supplied with hex key to tighten compression ring.

The top internal diameter is 1.9" (48.2mm). 

Barrel height (below Lip)  1.25"

Total height 1.3"

$29.00, ShipWeight 1 lb.

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